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John and Wendy Adams
Forest Farm, Crowhill,
Ringwood, Hants BH24 3DE. Telephone: 01425 476020
Mobile: 07754587853








Reviews & Comments  
  Hollybrooke Calvados had a lovely morning at mufti dressage on Saturday to secure a lovely red rosette. He really is a versatile pony who will turn his hoof to anything and really looks after his little person. I couldn’t not have wished for a better pony for Ollie to learn to ride on. GW - Dec 20  
  The super little chap Hollybrooke Topaz was delivered to us this morning. This afternoon, he was tied up, groomed, feet picked up with no fuss at all. He is a credit to Wendy and John, who have worked their magic with him. LT - Dec 20
  I bought Hollybrooke Fudge who’s living in Denmark now. She’s the sweetest pony ever. She’s just a true friend who always does her best!
EHJ - Sept 20

Hollybrooke Duke is a charming pony.He runs next to geldings and is kind to his mares. He is wonderful to handle and has the temperament of an angel.
Native Pony Magazine - Nov 17

  Hollybrooke Golden Boy won his first PC ODE today at Smallwood with his 10 year old jockey. He finished on his dressage score. What a pony, the best in the world!'
SB- June 17
  A six year old NF Stallion whose owners say 'has the eaiest temperament you could wish for' claimed the Royal International Heritage championship and a trip to Hickstead. Hollybrooke Duke kept his sparkle and his manners throughout.
H&H- May 17
I have one of your babies Hollybrooke Golden Boy aka Charlie. Thought you might be interested. I'm not too familiar with the new forest breed but I thought I'd congratulate you on breeding the most gentle mild mannered boy I've ever come across. My 10 yr old daughter wanted to quit ponies in December due to a bad choice of pony by me! But in 3 months my gibbering wreck has gone from barely trotting to learning to fly with her boy. So thank you. We are active pony clubbers. Holly loves dressage and Charlie has already shown he's willing to try that too.
SB- March 17

We purchased Hollybrooke Calvados in September as an unbroken 3 year old.  We have now backed him and are in the process of breaking him in.  He really is a delight to train with such a super temperament. We have traveled him in company and alone in a trailer, lunged and long reined him and hacked him out around the farm and more recently hacked him in company and alone along the road and into the village.  He is proving the fabulous little pony that we really hoped for!
LL - March 17

  Really pleased with my baby 4 year old Hollybrooke Jubilee today, winning her first hunter trial. She was awesome!! My plan was to take it steady all the way round and give her time to look at everything but from about 4 strides out at every jump she locked on and there was no stopping her!! It was like she'd been doing it for years! We are still only keeping the jumps small but she's just so bold!! Really looking forward to the future with this pony
A S - October 2016
  My son Troy decided he would like to have a ride today. After nearly 3 years of owning Hollybrooke Astra this was a wonderful moment for me. Can't tell you how much we love and adore him. 3 adults ride him between ages of 46 to 53 and a 6 year old, a 10 year old and 12 year old, more than a family pony. Wendy Adams you breed the most loving ponies that just love being around people and want to be by your side what ever you are doing. Best keep my eyes on him or Troy will be having him for himself.
T T - July 2016
  Hollybrooke Cappuccino is an absolute star.  She has had an unbelievable journey with my little boy.  They have grown to be a fantastic partnership and she truly loves and cares for him.  They have been to Hickstead together at the Pony Club Inter branch Competition. She has represented the Branch twice show jumping producing fabulous rounds over a 80/85cm course.  She is very rarely out of the ribbons whatever we ask her to turn her hoof to.  She was 3rd in her first BD Novice test. She came 3rd in her first Elementary qualifying for the Sunshine tour.  She's currently lying 5th in the BD central my quest league. She started her BE career this year earning a 4th at Aston Le Walls in very challenging conditions.  She was 1st in their first PC ODE of the season, followed by a further win at their second ODE both times leading from start to finish.  She is totally amazing, she adores her job and comes alive out XC. She is schooling her over BE90 and 100 fences XC.  Whilst at home we are working her towards medium level dressage. In her usual I'll give it a go style she also took on side saddle and proved again a complete pro,  taking to it like a duck to water.We do very much love her, she is adored by everyone including all the horses on our yard.  She is part of the family and makes us smile everyday, she is cheeky, assertive and very clear about her opinions!! In fact she is hilarious and loves her creature comforts, waiting toe tapping in the field ready to come into her stable.
J J - June 2016

  We have had the enormous pleasure of having Hollybrooke Aristocrat for the past 3 years and we just wanted to say what an utterly delightful pony he is.  He has taken complete beginners safely out hacking. With his latest rider, who began riding recently, he was her first pony.  In less than a year she has taken her C test at pony club, competed in her first ODE and had no end of fun galloping through woods and hacking in complete safety.  I genuinely don’t think he has ever bucked or spooked, I can send him out with almost anyone and know they will come back safe and smiling.  But he can also step up a few gears to do a fantastic dressage, jump beautifully or go hunting with the Cotswold hunt and pony club being part of successful teams in all disciplines. We just wanted to keep you updated and thank you for breeding and bringing up a simply perfect family pony.
 I G - January 2016
  Hollybrooke Jasmine has settled in so well, I am over the moon with her. She is such a sweet gentle little soul, I can't thank you enough. I'm looking forward to showing her a bit when the spring/summer arrives. She loves her new friends but is equally happy if they have to come out of the field and she is left on her own. I'll keep you updated and forward some photos to you, especially come the summer when she has lost all her teddy bear fluff. 
F M - January 2015

My pony Hollybrooke Golden boy (known as Charlie Brown to us) came 4th in the North West Mountain and Moorland Championships and I couldn't be more proud. He is a beautiful, hardy pony who loves his works and aims to please (as he consistently does so). Thanks to Charlie I have fallen in love with New Forest ponies and I doubt I will ever be without one. Thank you for everything you have done. I couldn't be more proud of my gorgeous pony.
R L - December 2014

  Hollybrooke Houdini has been an absolute gem in my life. We have taught each other many things over the six years that I have owned him. He is a high spirited and happy chap who has gone far beyond my expectations, performing well in show jumping and even the local in hand showing. He continues to perform well and has now enjoyed his first XC training session.  A big thank you to the Hollybrooke Stud and all their hard work, for breeding a fantastic pony that will sure give me many more happy memories.
L P -June 2014

I would like to let you know that I have been lucky enough to buy one of the Hollybrooke ponies. I am now the proud owner of Hollybrooke Astra. We have had him for about 4 months now and I feel like I have had him for years. He has a family that ride him for me, a mum and 2 daughters (13 year old and a 3 year old) who all adore him and me I am just lucky enough to be his owner and watch this family have fun with this smashing pony. We live in a very built up area of Bristol and have lots of heavy traffic, he takes everything in his stride, nothing upsets him. He is worth his weight in gold and never puts a foot wrong and is the most cheeky  loveable character.  He has gone way beyond our expectations and he’s here to stay in his forever home. All I can say is thank you for breeding such smashing ponies for us to enjoy.
TT Bristol - February 2014


I just have to let you know how "over the moon" I am with Hollybrooke Marlborough. He has just the sweetest nature.  Everyone at the yard adores him and makes a bee line for his stable for a cuddle and a nuzzle. He has earned the nickname 'golden boy' from  my instructor. She is smitten and her most common remark is "he's just so honest'. I even enjoy schooling now! Every week when we have our lesson he tries his best and we're making great progress. I've taken him out on the roads with an older, wiser horse and he often ends up taking the lead as he's so unflustered about everything. I hope to enter a few dressage competitions after Christmas.  I will let you know how we get on!!
AS Bucks
- December 2013

When we went to the New Forest show as a trade family, all we heard over the speaker was Hollybrooke this and that !!!! Well done and thank you for breeding such lovely ponies who inspire and add to the lives of all they touch. 
EW Bournemouth - September 2013

Just a few lines to say how lovely it was just now to see Jackson's photo on your web page. As each day goes by, I marvel at the way you have managed to produce this exceptional pony with such outstanding quality, class and substance all at the same time! He truly is a miniature warm blood, and naturally carries his weight on that powerful back end of his. He *really* fills the eye and has impressed everyone who has so far seen him. When I first approached you about buying him I though he was very expensive. Now I think he was a snip; and day-by-day I come to see his all round value including that unflappable, calm temperament!
JB Lancashire - July 2013
I purchased Hollybrooke Skylark three years ago to drive but due to health problems I did not do so but had her broken to ride late in 2011. I wanted you to know she has been a lovely biddable pony to own and not fazed by anything she is a credit to your breeding.
FP Gloucestershire - June 2013
Since we started riding Hollybrooke Cappuccino in mid November she has been an angel and during December she attended her first Pony Club rally with Toby. She was fantastically well behaved carrying him around like a pro and popping around a small course of jumps. Just after Christmas we took her to hers and Toby's first Hunt Meet where she did us proud. Standing like a rock with the hounds around her waiting for the off. During the hunt she never once became silly or strong and looked after her little rider impeccably, even taking the last line off the lead. While we were off at the hunt tea, she quietly loaded up and patiently munched hay in the trailer without any fuss or bother. I cannot thank her enough for how much she takes care of my little boy and her truly generous and kind nature. Thank you for breeding such a beautiful kind soul!
JJ Hampshire - January 2013

Hollybrooke Brown Sugar is the biggest superstar pony ever!! On Saturday she rode out hunting all day trail laying. We ended up on a run riding with the master. On Sunday she did lead rein rides walking through the enclosure with two small girls aged 9 and 5 and was a complete star- taking such good care of them!! She is her daddy's daughter!! On Boxing day I forgot my tack room key so took her out for an hours hack with no saddle and a head collar with two lead ropes. Not bad for a pony who is only 6 and very fit!!
AR Hampshire - January 2013

Hollybrooke Astronaut has had a very good first season. We have won or been placed 37 times in dressage classes. We won the novice restricted section at Stretcholt EC affiliated dressage on Saturday with a score of just over 66%. This was his 2nd go at this level, his first attempt two weeks ago he gained a mark of just over 64% and come 6th.
AG Somerset - October 2012

Thank you very much for showing me around yesterday. I just wanted to say how impressed I was the quality of your stock. All the ponies I met displayed fantastic temperaments, faultless, every single one, broodmares, foals, yearlings and 4 year olds, this is obviously a testament to your dedication and hard work and an asset to the breed. All the ponies had good conformation and you clearly produce a broad selection of stock suitable from family ponies to performance to top show quality.
VS Hampshire - June 2012

I recently purchased a pony bred at the Hollybrooke stud (Hollybrooke Astronaut) and I thought you might like to know how he is progressing. I started his training in February with dressage and showing in mind. He went to his first, competition in March and he won with over 70%. Since then he has won or been placed in every class entered mostly BD. He is proving to be a total star, qualified for BD pet plan on his first attempt and I am doing area 12 RC team dressage next month.
AG Somerset - June 2012

Sam Roberts stood third (in the supreme) with another new name on the scene and a duel title winner. This was the exciting New Forest Stallion Hollybrooke Tinker who headed the confined novice and Horseload open native working sections. This six year old liver chestnut by Burley Traveller, owned by breeders John and Wendy Adams was equally impressive on the flat and showed particularly powerful and scopey movement.
Ponies (UK) Winter Championships Show report - Horse & Hound - 12th April 2012

Sam Roberts and the six year old Hollybrooke Tinker had a busy day and dominated the M&M sections. This beautiful chestnut stallion has had three wins from three shows so far this season so potentially has an exciting season ahead.
BSPS Area 6 Show report - Showing World - April/May issue 2012

It was lovely to see all your splendid ponies, they look even better in the flesh. We really were impressed with the foals. 
JB Hampshire - May 2011

Thank you for allowing the group of Dutch students to visit your farm. Dionis was really impressed with all your ponies and felt it was just the place to bring these interested young people. They really enjoyed their time with you and were especially impressed with the temperament of your stock.
NFPB&CS - May 2011

Just a note to say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to show me all your wonderful ponies. They are all gorgeous and the foals, well they are just beautiful. It was such a pleasure to be up close to them and being able to stroke them, something I have not been able to do for a long time, it was very therapeutic. Animals seem to be wonderful creatures when it comes to being with disabled/ill people I have found. They just seem to sense it. The last youngster was so lovely and made me smile as John was scratching him he was obviously loving it so much. I think all your ponies are a credit to you both and the way you handle them and they respond just goes to show that you care greatly for them
MR Ringwood - May 2011

I just thought you might like to know about my daughters pony, who is proving to be a lovely chap!!!! His name is Hollybrooke Diplomat or Dippy as he is known. We are a novice family and have been learning as we go but Dippy has been such a gentle patient star and my daughter who is 11 loves him to pieces. He puts up with me having riding lessons on him, will stand all day (with hay net) whilst my daughter perfects the art of plaiting. He very happily turns his hoof to what ever we ask of him!
EW Bournemouth - April 2011

We are so proud of Hollybrooke Aristocrat. We have just got back from dressage and he won both his tests so he now has 2 trophies as well! He went beautifully and is already earmarked for PC area dressage teams next year!!
SM Bristol - September 2010

I would like to say congratulations for you. I was seeing your lovely colt at Breed Show! Also during the past years I have seen your ponies at Breed Show and it has been pleasure to see them at the show.
EK Finland - August 2010

Hollybrooke Tequila is known as "Honey" here and we have been absolutely thrilled with her. She is Honey by name and Honey by nature. I bought her last year as a project for my daughter to break in and bring on. They have done pony club, farm rides, local shows and hunted all of last season with the Cheshire Forest Hunt. Honey has remained sensible and great fun throughout.
AN Cheshire - August 2010

Hollybrooke Aristocrat has had a busy weekend. Dressage yesterday, they took the highest placed 12 and under so he has his first rosette! He did a good test scoring a couple of 8's and some very complimentary comments from the judge who also said what a lovely pony. He has been show jumping this morning at a pc rally. He is enjoying his jumping and proving to be very agile. We love Aristocrat so much he really is one in a million. He has so many admirers here. We always make sure they know he’s a Hollybrooke pony.
SM Bristol - August 2010

Thank you for the nice reception from the Dutch Group of New Forest pony lovers, I made some nice pictures. The opinion of most of them was that did see at your place, the best ponies they had seen in these days.
BV Holland - July 2010

I want to thank you for showing your ponies to us. We had a wonderful time at your place. The Dutch people liked your ponies very much. They were very impressed by your stallions and also the young stock in the field. Thank you very much and I hope to see you again some time and good luck with your ponies!
IZ Holland - July 2010

Thank you both for you time and patience today, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your inspirational stud and meeting your beautiful happy horses.

JC Surrey - June 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for your time on Saturday morning. My mum and I have a lovely morning at your stud. It was really nice of you to show us each of your gorgeous stallions, foals and young stock. The temperament of all your ponies was a real credit to you and your breeding.
JM Hampshire - June 2010

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