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John and Wendy Adams
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News 2022
    17th May  
    We now have five of the six foals we are expecting. This is the latest new arrival at Hollybrooke. A very pretty colt foal by Skywalker out of Hollybrooke Romany. This is Romany's (who is a full sister to our stallion Hollybrooke Tinker) first foal at the age of fourteen. We have tried repeatedly to breed from her so we are especially thrilled with the safe arrival of this chap. All our foals have arrived well over the 340 days which is considered the normal gestation for a horse. Romany carried this foal for 365 days, so exactly a year. Hollybrooke Gingernut our last mare to foal will be 365 days this week and still does not look ready. We are really thrilled with all the foals they are all very smart. The mares are all fit and well and the foals growing rapidly. The the latest foal photos are on the foal page.  
    Hollybrooke Jupiter went to the NFPEC Summer Show and won the two and three year old colt class. He has come on so much since his first show in April and really looked a picture  
    10th April  

There are lots of things going on at Hollybrooke at the moment and last weekend was especially busy. On Saturday two of our mares foaled. Hollybrooke Crystal at 3 am (foal pictured left) and Hollybrooke Sparkle at 9.30 pm (foal pictured right). Both had big strong colt foals by Hollybrooke Tinker. Two more mares Hollybrooke Gypsy and Hollybrooke Melitta are now a week overdue but neither are looking very close to foaling yet. Hollybrooke Romany is due this week and Hollybrooke Gingernut is due the following week. All the colt foals will be for sale at weaning.
On Sunday last week we took our three year old colt Hollybrooke Jupiter to his first show Hollybrooke Jupiterof the season. He has never been indoors before and the lorry park was very crowded and busy. Colts at this time of year are feeling their hormones but he coped with it all very well and behaved beautifully. We were thrilled that he won his class.
He has been out all winter without a rug until just a couple of weeks ago, so he is still rather hairy and will look better in another few weeks.

    11th March  

Hollybrooke MelittaWe had our first outing with a pony this year We were both pleased and proud, that we were invited to take Hollybrooke Melitta to the NFPB judges seminar. She was presented as an example of the type of pony judges should be looking for when judging New Forest ponies.
It was quite tricky to get her looking presentable as she has been out with the herd all winter and was very hairy and scruffy. She is due to foal to Skywalker in early April. She has not been fed all winter, not even hay so apart from her conformation she is a perfect example of a hardy and tough New Forest pony.

We have five other mares due to foal between the middle of March and the end of April. Two are in foal to Hollybrooke Tinker and three to Skywalker. They all look very well and we look forward to welcoming our new arrivals. Another Hollybrooke pony who has already been out an about is Hollybrooke Duke who was 1st and reserve restricted WHP champion at the BSPS Area 16 Show. What a super jump he has.

    30th January  

2021 ended with the New Forest Point to Point. Although we were not competing, as John was the course setter this time, Hollybrooke ponies were still well represented. The winner of the ladies race for the second consecutive time was Nutschullyng Bewitched. She is a part bred New Forest mare sired by Hollybrooke Huckleberry. Two of our home bred ponies (both sired by Burley Branston who was a fantastic Point to Point pony) raced for the first time. The super action pictures below are many thanks to Colin Williams who braved the cold and wet to take some amazing photos.
Hollybrooke Annie (on the left) who was a very creditable 4th in her race and Hollybrooke Martini (on the right)

    Hollybrooke AnnieHollybrooke Martini  

Another pony to have a super start to 2022 is Hollybrooke Americano (Greencottage Ambassador/ Hollybrooke Melitta) a 5 year old licensed stallion in Belgium. This lovely video is of him competing in his first ever show jumping competition.

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