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Review of 2013

This year has been different in many ways. We made the decision early on that due to the current economic situation and the over production of horses and ponies that we would not put any of our own mares in foal for 2014. We only had three foals this time but it will seem very strange to have no Hollybrooke foals next year. It is very many years since we have not had a single foal. The stallions all covered some lovely visiting mares so there will still be foals by them next spring and we have plenty of youngsters to show ourselves. The show ring appearances were also much less frequent, following two years when our young stallions were professionally produced under saddle. We have, never the less, been very successful.

Our two year old colt Hollybrooke Duke won several good classes through the season culminating in winning both the stud colt and stallion championships at the Breed Show. An amazing achievement for a two year old in only his sixth appearance in the ring. In the Autumn he went on to pass his colt inspection and vetting so that he is now approved by the Breed Society as a breeding stallion. Sadly he is too closely related to our ponies for us to be able to use him to breed. We had several expressions of interest in him, even before his super results so we very sadly decided to sell him. He left us in October for a new home in Cambridge where he will continue his competitive career in hand and hopefully later on under saddle.

  Hollybrooke Duke

Breed Show champion stallion and colt Hollybrooke Duke age 2 years by Hollybrooke Tinker

The fillies Grace, Jubilee, Dazzle and Melitta all had a turn in the show ring over the summer and all came home with good prizes. The stud also did well in gelding classes Hollybrooke Merlin and Hollybrooke Kenco (now owned by Ingrid Bergman) were always well placed and Hollybrooke Chablis also owned by Ingrid won the two year old gelding classes at both the New Forest and the Breed Shows. He followed the Breed show win by becoming young gelding champion. It is the second year in succession that he has won his class at the Breed Show.

  Hollybrooke Chablis

Breed Show champion young gelding Hollybrooke Chablis age 2 years by Hollybrooke Tinker

Hollybrooke Ginger has had an fantastic season in dressage competitions. He started the year competing at Prelim, had a break in the middle of the summer while we worked on the movements for the next level and then continued competing again from the end of August. In total he entered eighteen dressage competitions and only once was he out of the top six and in fourteen of them he was either first, second or third. He has qualified for the NPS Dressage championships next spring at Addington at at both Prelim and Novice. When he qualified for the Prelim with a score of over 70% the judge wrote at the end of his test sheet 'A joy to watch, super harmony between horse and rider, accurate and obedient and well ridden. Well done' Definitely one to frame! He also achieved the second level dressage grading with the Breed Society in only his second ever Novice test. A great achievement for a pony who is only five.

  Hollybrooke Ginger

Hollybrooke Ginger winning a Novice 27 test at Sparsholt
  Four of our ponies left us for new homes in various parts of this country and abroad this year. They have all settled brilliantly and we have glowing reports from their new owners. We look forward to hearing more about their progress next year. In an effort to prevent our empty broodmares becoming too fat some of them spent the summer grazing on the New Forest. Sadly one of our best mares Hollybrooke Gingernut became entangled in somebody's poorly maintained fence and was found completely entwined in many metres of wire, some of which was so tight round a hind leg that it looked as though the blood supply had been completely cut off. The initial prognosis was bleak but now over fourteen weeks later and more than one hundred changes of bandages she is almost healed and sound.

Without a shadow of doubt the highlight of the year has been the success our stallions have had as sires. Branston as always has had more than his fair share of successful progeny both in the show ring and in competitions (Hollybrooke Ginger is one of his sons) All the ponies sired by Hollybrooke Rambler at the Breed Show were in the top four in their classes. The star of the year however, was Hollybrooke Tinker who at the age of only seven (his oldest progeny are just three) sired the winning two year old gelding, three year old filly, the New Forest Champion, the NPS Silver medal winner and the supreme M&M champion at the New Forest show. If this wasn't enough at the Breed Show his children continued to excel. They won the two year old gelding class, the young gelding championship, the three year old filly class, the reserve filly championship, the two or three year old stud colt class, the young stud colt championship, the reserve overall young stock championship and the stud stallion championship. In the young stock championship three of the ten ponies qualified were sired by Tinker. What an achievement!
  Brock Bronwen

New Forest Show supreme champion M&M Brock Bronwen age 3 years By Hollybrooke Tinker
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