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Review of 2009  
  What a year the Hollybrooke stud has had!

We took two ponies to Breed Society inspections. In the early spring our two year colt Burley Time Lord went to the stallion inspection and vetting, which he passed with the second highest score of the day. In the autumn our home bred mare Hollybrooke Chutney passed her stud mare grading.
  Our broodmares produced some lovely foals mainly by Burley Branston. They grew well and by mid summer looked a picture. They had delightful easy temperaments and were quick to find new homes. We hope that they will give their new owners much pleasure and success and we look forward to seeing them out and about next year. We have retained three fillies, full sisters to Dazzle, Chutney and Ginger to show and to make brood mares later on. Our two three year old colts Hollybrooke Rambler and Hollybrooke Tinker covered their first mares this spring. Each ran with some of our own mares and covered some visiting mares in hand. They both took the whole process in their stride and were back on the show circuit far earlier than we had anticipated. It says much for their temperaments that within twenty four hours of leaving their mares, they were back together sharing the same field and stable that they have shared all their lives. We look forward to their foals next spring.  
  We have welcomed many foreign visitors from all over Europe to the stud this summer including thirty four Swedish New Forest Breeders in September. They have all been impressed by how our ponies combine quality and movement with bone and depth. In October Hollybrooke Rambler was invited to represent the breed at the NPS judges’ conference, where he attracted a great deal of admiration.  
  Our show successes have been amazing. We have shown seven different ponies this summer, ranging from yearlings to five year olds. All the ponies won, five ponies also won reserve championships Hollybrooke Tinker (South of England) Hollybrooke Sparkle (Ellingham) Hollybrooke Gypsy (NF Youngstock Romsey) Hollybrooke Dazzle (Yearling NFPB Invitation Show) and Burley Time Lord (Cadnam Native Pony Show).
Hollybrooke Tinker - Reserve Champion South of England
  Some more of our reserve champion winning ponies in 2009
Hollybrooke Gypsy (top left) Hollybrooke Sparkle (top right)
Hollybrooke Dazzle (bottom left) Burley Time Lord (bottom right)
  The other two both had championships including at the Breed Show. The yearling Hollybrooke Ginger who only attended his first show in the middle of August, won five classes in a row and two championships. He was the young gelding champion at the breed show and the yearling champion at the NFPB Invitation show.  
Hollybrooke Ginger
Hollybrooke Ginger Breed Show young gelding champion
It is impossible to imagine that all these fantastic wins could be surpassed but Hollybrooke Rambler did just that at the Breed Show by winning the stud colt, owner breeder and overall supreme championships plus the NPS silver medal. He also won at the New Forest and Romsey shows and was reserve champion at the NFPEC Show. An amazing show record for a three year old.
Hollybrooke Rambler winning the supreme championship at the Breed Show 2009
The show wins achieved by our ponies have been an added bonus to our breeding program. We set out to breed  ponies that had the scope, movement and temperament to make top class competition ponies. We have always ridden and competed our horses (John produced and evented horses up to advanced level and our son Paul still events internationally). Our senior stud stallion Burley Branston is one of the breeds most versatile and successful performance ponies. Conformation and movement have always been important for us from a soundness and performance perspective and initially we showed the young ponies as part of their growing up experience. They have achieved far beyond our greatest hopes and expectations and we are immensely proud of them.
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